Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lantern Making

Well it's almost time for the Winter Solstice so we had to get busy and make our lanterns.  It's a bit late to find Autumn leaves but we still wanted to make lanterns which incorporated them. 

The first step was to prepare our paper for the lanterns.
Painted Flames

Spots & Paint

Then we had to go in search of wonderful coloured leaves.
Looking for the Perfect Leaf

Not many left on the trees!

But we managed to find some.

Then it was time to encase them in wax!
Wax Leaf

Trace around each leaf.

Cut out the shapes!

Then put them together with some glue.
Leaf & Paint

And if you're Aishlyn decide that it needs to look just as pretty on the inside and do that again.

Inside Flames
Cut out a base, snip the bottom
snip, snip

and glue it all together!
Then make a twisty.
A lantern all ready for our Winter Festival!

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