Sunday, April 29, 2012

3KCBWDAY7 - Completely Unbalanced.

Well I must say up front, I am completely UNBALANCED!
I knit and knit and then I knit some more!
Yes, I can crochet and quite well, but I still prefer knitting.  I have crochet quite complex designs in the past but I just find knitting suits me better. Crochet certainly is more 'transportable', less to lose.  Before I switched to my interchangeable needles I was forever showing up to a knitting coffee morning with one of my double pointed needles missing or I would have left one of my straights on the couch. 

I had to teach a class full of children to crochet, which was interesting.  I had one little darling who told me she was left-handed (I'm right-handed) so I spent ages trying to show her how to do it.  It was so hard because it was all backwards to the way I do things.  I found out later she wasn't really left-handed (she got her left and right mixed up). Another teacher then gave me a good piece of advice, ask the child to write their name on the board, then you can see which hand they use.

The one thing I do find rather annoying about crochet and maybe this is why I don't do it, is that the crochet terms are not universal.  A treble crochet in Australia and England is different to a treble in America! In knitting, purl, knit, yarn over are the same everywhere.

There is a time when I do manage to find a balance between knitting and crochet and that's when I make 'Tea Cosies!' I have both of the Wild Tea Cosies books by the wonderful Loani Prior. Here are a couple of my favorite patterns from the books.

So if you want to achieve some balance between your crafts then pick-up a copy of any of Loani Priors books and mix it up a bit. She has a new one, just out, 'How Tea Cosies Changed the World', but I haven't got it yet (it's on my wish list).

So go crazy and make some 'Wild Tea Cosies' and get some balance in your life.


  1. Cosies with a difference! Love that 3rd one.

  2. wow your teacosies are so cool, I love the one with the big red hat - it's awesome!!!!

    1. Thanks Vicki, I gave that one to a friend for her birthday.