Saturday, April 28, 2012

3KCBWDAY6 - Skill Set

Often people will say to me, 'Oh you are so clever, I could never do that.' I always say it really is only a few simple things that you have to know how to do; knit, purl, yarn over, decrease and increase.  For most knitting that is all you really need to know.
I have been knitting for years but it is only in the last few that I have looked at different ways of doing things and learning new techniques.  I started trying to choose patterns which would teach me at least one new thing.

I have gained so many new skills both from working with new patterns and from my friends.
Skills such as:
Short rows, magic-loop, tubular cast-on, seamless knitting, lace, folded hems, grafting and illusion knitting, the list goes on.
I wanted to share some of the patterns which have helped me to gain some of these skills, so here they are:
This pattern was my first garment using seamless knitting (apart from socks) and also the first time I had knitted with beads. 

This pattern taught me how to do a tubular cast-on and cast-off.  I love it and have now used it on a few items. If you have never done one then give it a try, I'm sure you will be very happy with the result.

I had never heard of 'Illusion Knitting' before I joined Ralvery.  I decided to give it a go by knitting a scarf for my daughters friend.  I was really pleased with the result and like the idea of having hidden designs. 

This pattern, 'Wrum' taught me how to do a folded band and a provisional cast-on. I love the look of the folded hem and now use it in place of ribbing (which I have never liked the look of).

 I bought a book called, 'The Knitting Way' and that was the first time I had encountered knitting a Moebius. My first one was my Wonderwrap which was a large version of the Mini-wrap from the book.


After doing this I then discovered Cat Bordhi’s Moebius technique and started knitting a few things from her book. Here's just a couple.

The other wonderful thing I was taught to do was dye yarn! 
My wonderful friend Juliet from 'The Craft Circle' was kind enough to show me how.  

So I now have a beautiful shawl made with my own hand-dyed yarn.

So I guess I have a pretty good skill set at the moment but I am always learning and discovering new things. Learning new things keeps my brain healthy so i just have to keep doing it.

The most important skill I have gained is, 'how not to buy more yarn'. I just don't go looking if I know I can't afford it or if that fails I have my darling daughter in my ear saying 'Mum, you've got enough wool!'

I'm not going to say what new things I want to learn, I think I will just leave it to the knitting Gods to decide that.


  1. Love your selection of patterns! FAB!

  2. I prefer the folded hem too, so neat and it makes a great finish on a knitted dress. Love your shawl

  3. We need to be willing to try new things to ever improve! I love those projects, and you mastered them pretty well for the first time at it!