Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sewing Sunday - Shirts

Well my 10 year old has decided she likes shirts.  She found some fabric then set about letting me know exactly what it should look like.  I'm a trained pattern-maker but I really couldn't be bothered making a shirt pattern from scratch so I thought I'd just buy a commercial one.  Well after looking at all the pattern books and deciding that I just wasn't prepared to pay $14 for a basic shirt pattern I looked at plan B.
I got out my Japanese pattern books and had a look at the sizing and realised that my daughter is a perfect size 6 ladies (except for the waist because she hasn't got one yet).

I found this pattern and set out to adjust it for her.
Once the pattern was done I set to work.  I actually forgot how much sewing is in a proper shirt.  What with stand collars and sleeves with real plackets, it took most of the day to finish it.
We were both really pleased with how it turned out. As soon as I had stitched the last button in place she had it on and then wore it for three days straight.  She would have worn it for longer but I made her take it off so I could wash it.

She has now requested more shirts in different colours and patterns so it looks like I will be making more. 
I did find this vintage look XS ladies shirt the other day which she likes.  $6 dollars at the Op-shop and no sewing, I think I'll have to keep an eye out for more if her shirt obsession lasts.


  1. That's a really nice shirt - a perfect cheerful go-for-it print for a ten-year-old. Beautiful job!

    1. Thanks so much Noelle. She loves it and is wearing it all the time.