Friday, June 25, 2010

Winter Solstice Time - Winter Festival

We had wonderful weather for our Winter Festival at school on Wednesday night.  It has been freezing lately but that night was so mild I felt overdressed in all my winter woolies. We shared baked potatoes with lashings of sour cream, cheese and butter with hot soup to warm our cold hands.  Our wonderful parents and children's choir entertained us with joyful singing before we lit our lanterns and set off on our lantern walk.  On our return to the school the drumming called all to the official lighting of the bonfire by the class six children.  It was wonderful to behold and the excitement of the children was infectious. 
Making sure everything is in place

Sneaking  a peek at the singers practising
Sing, sing sing!

Lanterns of all shapes and sizes

Lighting the bonfire

Through the darkness we shall go,
With our candles all aglow,
Hearts grow warm, 
Our way grows bright, 
As we journey in the night.

Though its dark and cold this night,
We shall trust in this small light,
If we hold our candle true, 
Courage grows our deeds to do.


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