Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aishlyn Turns Eight

Aishlyn turned eight on the 16th of July and the week before she had a party at her Dad's house.  She wanted a haunted house party and decided to go as  Hermione from 'Harry Potter'.  

She had a few of her friends to help her celebrate.

Aishlyn received some wonderful gifts, some lovingly hand made by her friend Hannah. She loved the crown making set from Lily and wont stop listening to the talking book (Pollyanna) that she was given by Angus.  

On the day of her birthday she got to open the gifts from us.

All Aishlyn wanted for her birthday this year was books.  She can't get enough of them. 

She now has some nice new books to add to her collection:  

And a lovely new cardigan for her doll, Serity Sparkle.

Happy 8th birthday to my darling girl!

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  1. Thanks for popping by Onabee - my baby turned 12 last week too!
    I love the new cardigan!