Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cake Making

Well Aishlyn has turned eight!  I can't believe it has been eight years since she came to me on a cold winters night.  As with all children in her class Aishlyn was to have a birthday celebration.  I was to visit her class  to share the story of her life thus far and share photos of Aishlyn for each year of her life.  Then it would be time for the birthday song and  the cutting and sharing of the cake.  

To you we sing
And thankfulness we bring
To celebrate your birth
The Angels here on Earth

Well before all this could happen a special cake was needed.  I decided to make a rainbow cake. I don't know why I decided it had to be rainbow but I did which required far more preparation than a plain old chocolate cake.

First make a plain vanilla cake.

Then split it into five bowls and colour.

Put it in the cake tin and then the oven.

Clean up!

Turn out and let it cool.

Ice to the very specific requests of the birthday girl.  
(Lemon flavoured icing with lemon slices and coconut as decoration)

Share and enjoy!

It came out quite well I think.  The children loved it!
(so did Aishlyn)


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