Saturday, July 3, 2010

School Holidays

Well the school holidays have been busy for Aishlyn, a circus workshop with the wonderful Circus Oz and a Ballet workshop with Kismet Bourne from the Australian Ballet. And now she is off for a weekend away with her friend in Rye.  Busy life for a little girl!
No shots from the ballet but here are a few from her circus workshop (bit blurry, I didn't want to put her off by having a camera in her face).
Can I do it?
Yes I can!

Now I just have to get down!

Juggling sticks
Oops, where did it go?

Such fun was had by all

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  1. Thanks for visiting the Knitty Gritty Homestead! Circus school? My son would LOVE that...Love her little striped pants, her purple spandex (I had a a purple spandex "unitard" (SHAME!) in the photographic proof, thank heavens)...her little tummy is just so sweet, something that disappears as they grow!