Sunday, August 1, 2010

Urban Honey

Just wanted to let you all know about 'Urban Honey'. This extract from Lyndon's website gives an overview of what it's all about: 

'As part of our carbon neutral philosophy and policy the honey sold by Urban Honey Co. is produced as close to the point of sale as possible, we aim to average within 5km .
The small scale hives are situated locally where the bees have access to a variety of flowers year round and can quietly work urban gardens and parks away from farmed GM crops.
Only the most basic filtering is carried out when the honey is collected and processed in order to retain the special properties that make raw honey such a remarkable and magical food.
We also treat our bees with the respect they deserve. The hives have never been treated with antibiotics and during extraction in the colder months half the honey in the comb is left for the bees, which means they are not fed on sugar supplements off season to boost quantity at the expense of quality.
In line with the low carbon footprint policy most visits to the hives for maintenance and honey extraction are done on foot or bicycle. The honey is extracted by hand and transported on special bicycle trailers to achieve as close to carbon neutral as possible.'

I love the taste and the fact that it is such a local product. This is the only honey I buy now, I love it!

You can read more about Urban Honey here: 



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