Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Wanderings

At long last it feels like spring!
This is the first day that it has really felt like spring, the sun was shining at last.  I started my day at the gym and on the walk there it was still overcast and it looked like yet another dull spring day.  When I finished my workout I was so happy to see that the sun had broken through and it had become a glorious day.
I decided to make the most of it and made a sandwich, grabbed my camera and took off for a wander through the Royal Botanic Gardens.

My favourite thing, daisies!
More beautiful surprises hiding in the grass

I just love the diversity of plants used in the gardens

You can completely forget you are in the middle of the city and then you catch a glimpse of the skyline.

Lots of Melbournians had the same idea of enjoy a fabulous spring day.

It was so good just wandering around, no rushing, no phone, no one asking me questions, just peace and quiet.  What a great day!


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