Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farewell to a Beloved Pet

Well it is with a sad heart that we farewell our beloved friend Brussel Sprout. 

He was hopping around in the morning just as happy as can be but when we arrived home in the afternoon he was very quiet and had a weeping, blocked up eye. We jumped in the car and rushed around to the vet with him and they saw us straight away.  The Vet gave him some antibiotics and cleaned up his eye and sent us home with medication and instructions to come back in a couple of days if he hadn't picked up.  She thought it was a mild virus and said he should be fine.
We took him home and feeling reassured that it was nothing serious, that he would be fine we went to have dinner. When we checked him and hour later he was dead.  So quick, so sudden, so sad.
Aishlyn was very brave and insisted on carrying him to the grave I had dug for him.  We laid him gently down and wished him a sad farewell.
It is so heartbreaking watching the pain she is going through and listening to her cry for her lost friend.  This is the hard side of having pets, the sad good byes and the inevitable pain at their loss.
I give this verse to Aishlyn to help her in her grief.

I will breathe new life upon you
when your heart is sinking low,
I will wipe your brow and kiss your eyes
'till the sadness decides to go,
And I'll stand strong beside you
as you learn from sorrow's pain,
That like the birds in springtime - 
your joy will come again.
Shea Darian 'Seven Times the Sun'

So good bye our little lop-eared friend
We miss you
We love you
RIP Brussel Sprout


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