Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Baby is Nine!

I can't believe that its been nine years since my darling girl came into the world.
She had a lovely day with a Narnia party which she planned in every detail. All I had to do was make it happen.

First we needed a Lucy costume.

Then we needed a cake. It took so long to put this together but she was very happy with the result.

The birthday girl made two sets of 'running order' tags, so we both knew what to do and when.

The birthday girl also made place name cards for all her friends.

Birthday food

We had a few games down at the park.  It amazed me that the children would run blindfolded with no fear at all.

Then we headed home for food.

It was a fantastic day. 

Happy birthday to my darling daughter.


  1. Oh whow! What an amazing birthday celebration! I suck at parties and am always impressed by mother's creativity with all things cake, dress ups, decorations and food. Well done mum! And what a gorgeous 9 year old....a lovely age! I

  2. @zigozagocraft
    Thanks, but I must admit the planning was done by the birthday girl, I just had to make everything.