Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rally For Choice

Today I attended the Rally to save the Steiner stream at Footscray City Primary School.  My daughter went there for three and a half years and I have been involved with the school for almost five.  It is a wonderful school and even though I chose to move to another school it was still important that I showed my support.  The main reason for the rally was to ask the Minister for Education, Martin Dixon to re-think the decision to close the stream and to demand to see the evidence on which the decision was based.  It was also a chance to show that the claim of dis-harmony between the two streams was false.  There was an even mix of Mainstream and Steiner families.  There were even supporters from outside the school.  It was a peaceful family friendly protest which ended with a picnic in the park.  I hope the Minister takes note of this protest today and sees that the claim of dis-harmony was false.
Good luck to all the families who will be effected by this decision, both Mainstream and Steiner.
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