Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sydney - Day Three

Well it was our last day in Sydney and after two days of lovely, hot, sunny weather we got rain. Not just light rain, but put your head down and brace yourself against the wind kind of rain.  We had our breakfast and waited it out for a bit then we headed out.  We were planning on going across to Manly on the ferry but decided it might be better to stay on dry land.
So we headed off to The Rocks Craft Market.

There a stall selling 'Butter Beer' so Aishlyn just had to try some. I found it truly awful, too sweet!

I loved all the old buildings in The Rocks.

One last photo of the Opera House

And the Harbor Bridge
After some browsing at the market and some lunch it was a slow wander back to the hotel.  We stopped off at the iconic Queen Victoria Building on the way.

Then it was back to the hotel to pick up our bags and catch the train to the airport. I love that you can just jump on a train and in a short while you are at the airport.  No expensive taxi rides or paying crazy amounts for parking. Love it! Melbourne needs to catch up and get a rail service to our airport.

Killing time waiting to check-in for our flight

She is such a seasoned little traveler now.

I just love it when you are above the clouds, it's like being in another world. A beautiful, magical world.
We loved our short trip to Sydney and will being going back to see all the things we didn't have time for this trip. But no matter how good the trip it's always nice to be home.


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