Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Love Sydney! - Day Two

Yes I know this is very late, but I have been busy.  So the next installment of our recent holiday.
First thing in the morning we were off to the Powerhouse to see the Harry Potter Exhibition.
 One very excited girl.
No photos allowed in the exhibition but we did get one of the flying car outside.

Next stop after we had some lunch and recovered from the excitement of the exhibition was the Lovelace Exhibition which was also on at the Powerhouse. This was a wonderful exhibition showcasing all the different types of lace from around the world.  It challenged your idea of just what lace is. The first thing Aishlyn said when we walked in was 'This isn't lace', which prompted a wonderful discussion on just what 'lace' was.

A wonderful projection showing bees at first forming a hive which then became a lace babies jacket.

I so want a fence like this!

This reminded me of some of the geometry work I did with class 6 last year.

After we finished looking around the Powerhouse we walked across to the hidden gem that is the Chinese Garden of Friendship

I encourage anyone who is in Sydney to take the time to go.  When I first told Aishlyn we were going she was reluctant and just wanted to go back to the hotel.  After we got there she didn't want to leave.
The other fantastic thing to do while you are there is, dress-up! For a small fee you get to dress-up as a Chinese princess or prince. At first only Aishlyn did it...........
They tried to give her a fan (because that's what a princess should have) but she insisted on having a sword. Love it my little warrior princess.

.......But then she talked me into doing it as well.  I didn't want to at first but I am so glad she persisted and changed my mind. It was so much fun!

So I got to be Queen for a day (or half an hour at least).  So if you go to the gardens make sure you dress-up and play at being Chinese royalty.
We spent about two hours at the gardens and took so many photos, it truly is a wonderful, tranquil place. 

After that it was back to the hotel, dinner and bed!


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