Monday, February 29, 2016

Time to Make a Bodice

The bodice is progressing nicely as you can see.

I only use plastic boning or if I can spiral boning. Always make sure you round off the corners to stop it sticking into the wearer. 

This boning is quite narrow so I'm using the seam allowance on the front panel to create the casing for it. On the other seams I will use a different method. 

It means there is a stitching line on the front but it will be covered by the trim. 

All sewn and pressed, ready for fitting. 

I haven't pressed the side seams as this is where I will adjust it if required. 

I popped it on the dummy so I could have a play with where the trim might go. I can't do much more until Miss A gets home and I can fit it on her. 


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