Saturday, March 5, 2016

Can You Ever Have Too Many Sequins?

I put the tutu bodice on the back burner today so I could get to work on a contemporary costume. No pattern for this one, it's all be done either on the body or on the dummy. I kind of like working like this, it's a lot more creative.
My daughter fell in love with this sequined fabric so we are building the costume around it. The finished costume won't have as much of this fabric as in these photos so it shouldn't overwhelm the costume. The bodice is built onto Powernet to hold everything together and the skirt is made from three layers of silk chiffon in three shades of blue.

I had to add a zip as it was just impossible to get into. 

Seems a shame to cut this off but it has to go. 
So there's a way to go yet, but I'll get there.


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