Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Wanderings

We have had pouring rain since midday Saturday and it has meant that snails are everywhere!  This little fellow showed up this morning and sparked and idea in Aishlyn.  She wanted to go on a 'Snail Hunt'. 

It didn't matter how well they hid......
Aishlyn would find them.......

So with bug catcher in hand off we went!

and into the bug house they went!

even the most sneaky hiding place was no match for the 'Snail Hunter'

A quick chat with a local feline.......

and off home with her stash of slimy friends.
She has been taking good care of her new friends and if she notices that they don't look 'happy' anymore she returns them to great outdoors.  I make sure that they are returned to a nice bunch of weeds rather than my much loved plants.


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