Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We have been counting down the 12 days of Christmas, leading to Epiphany.  Since Christmas morning the Three Kings have been making their slow journey towards the holy baby.  Mary and Joseph have already made their journey and this is a nice continuation of the excitement at discovering that they have moved a little more each morning.
To celebrate this we have a ring of twelve felt hearts. Each morning there is a small gift, the gift is from nature and this year I made them small fossils and stones.  Aishlyn had been studying the inner workings of the earth in the last term at school so it seemed appropriate.
There is such a build up to Christmas day and then it is all over.  This little ritual is a nice way of winding down from the festive season and reminds us that it didn't all just end on Christmas day.

This is a little verse for the Three Kings from 'Winter' by Wynstones Press that was shared on 'A Little Flower Garden and Waldorf Essentials'. It's really lovely, I think I will use it next year. 

Kings came riding,
One, two, three,
Over the desert
And over the sea.

One on a horse
With a saddle of gold:
The children came running,
To behold.

One in a ship
With a silver mast:
The fishermen wondered
As he went past.

One came walking
Over the sand,
With a casket of treasure
In his hand.

All the people said:
Where go they?
But the kings went forward
All through the day.

Night came on
As those kings went by.
They shone like the gleaming
Stars in the sky.

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