Monday, January 3, 2011

At Last a Garden!

I have been a frustrated gardener for so long now and at long last I have a garden.  It's a small garden but a garden all the same.  Our new house has quite a large front yard and a small courtyard area at the back.  I was going to put the vegetable patch in the front yard but after observing the amount of sun we get I decided to do a raised bed in the back.  The thought of growing our own food is so exciting. 
It was such fun setting up the raised bed, filling it with compost and soil then planting our lovely little seedlings.  I got a wonderful book for Christmas called 'One Magic Square' and I have been reading all about companion planting, natural pest control and crop rotation. So much to learn on this gardening adventure!
I was lucky that I had a very willing helper.

We also had the help of our 4 year old friend who came over from next door to join in the fun.

And to watch over all our beautiful plants, our flying pig!

I will keep you all updated with the development of our little garden.


  1. How fun. Good luck in your gardening adventures. We didn't do so well with ours last year, but I'm excited to try with my littles again. :-)
    Happy New Year!

  2. @erin
    Thanks Erin, hopefully it will be a success and we will be eating our own fresh vegies in a couple of months.