Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wind in the Willows

We went to see 'Wind in the Willows' last summer and when friends asked us to go again this year I really thought that Aishlyn would say no.   Well once again I was wrong, she couldn't wait to go. 
It was an outdoor performance in the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens and it was one of those crazy Melbourne days where it's cloudy, humid, sunny and rainy, all at once.  We had our fingers crossed that the rain would hold off but it didn't so we watched from under umbrellas whilst sweating in the humid conditions.  You know what, no one cared! I love Melbournians, they are so used to our crazy weather that they just make the most of it and keep going. 
Oh the rain did stop, just as the show finished.

A sneak peek of the performers.
On her way to the show.

Just a little view of our wonderful gardens.

Photos with the cast after the show.

Now it's over, time to get some lunch (and dry the costumes).

Off home to dry off.


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