Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winter Wanderings - Part One

Well we woke up late on Saturday as there was no ballet class for Aishlyn to get ready for. Aishlyn's first question, 'What shall we do today?'.
'Hmmm.... how about we go to the Art Gallery?'.
Surprisingly she replied with, 'Great idea, then we can have a wander around the city and see whats going on.'
So after breakfast we set off for the train and our wandering began.
Our first stop was the National Gallery of Victoria.  
Showing at the moment is an exhibition called 'Kaleidoscope: Art and Colour'. It looks at the impact colour has on the viewer and explores how different artists have used colour in their work.  There was one interactive activity in which you selected shapes and colours then put them together (using a touch screen) to create a design.  Once finished you could choose to publish it and it would come up on a large screen for all to see and admire.  Each design would remain there until replaced by the next one.
Aishlyn concentrating on her design

The finished piece
A crown fit for a queen

A wonderful glass mask
After we finished exploring colour we moved on to some of the other delights of the gallery.

Some works were so large we felt very, very small.  

After we finished our exploring of Art and Colour we took a slow stroll down the tree lined streets into the city for lunch.


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