Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winter Wanderings - Part Two

Well I will finally continue my post from Winter Wanderings part one
After we had our fill of art we headed to our favorite burger place in Federation Square.

After our burger we headed into the 'Temple of Knitting' to see what was going on.  This is part of the 'Light in Winter' festival, a celebration of light and enlightenment.

Aishlyn got to make her own lantern to add to the celebration of light. She decided she wanted it up nice and high.

The square was filled with people today because the Dali Lama was speaking and it was being streamed live on the large screen.

We listened for a while and then Aishlyn spotted a busker so we had to go and watch him. When he was finished we set off on a couple of errands before heading home.

We spotted this cute little car as we were walking along the street and then it pulled up alongside us.  It was a Lindt chocolate car and they were giving out free chocolate eclairs!

The perfect end to the perfect day!


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