Monday, September 12, 2011


I just love Spring, it's my favorite season.  Watching all the plants come into new growth fills me with such a wonderful feeling. I love watching the spent flowers become seed pods that will continue the growing cycle for the next season. It's a living reminder that all things change, grow and are reborn.  Something that seems lifeless can once again become vibrant and new. Change is good, change is healthy, change is vital.

I just love planting a tiny seed and watching it become something wonderful

Bees busy at their work

Examples of geometry are everywhere in the garden.

My tiny trees, only planted last December are coming into flower, wonderful!


  1. Caloo! Callay! We're working up to autumn, and I love autumn - but when it gets grey, wet and grim, I know where to come for a bright pick me up. Wonderful photos - thank you!

  2. @Mama Duck
    Thanks, drop in anytime for a pick me up.