Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sewing Sunday

I have had this fab vintage coat for years and I just love it.  I tried to get rid of it a few times but I just couldn't.
The black lining it came with had seen better days and was full of holes, I couldn't use the pockets (unless I wanted to lose what I put in them) because they also had holes. The sleeves had always been just a little on the short side and I wanted to lengthen them but just hadn't got around to it.
Well today I finally got out the lolly pink satin fabric I decided to use to re-line it and got busy. The satin had also been sitting there for quite a long time. Why have boring old black lining when you can have wonderful lolly pink!
So I ripped out the old lining and whacked in a new one. I also put a false hem on the sleeves which gained me and extra 5cm in length.

I just love this fabric, I haven't seen anything like it anywhere.

I love the new lining, it feels so good, almost like having a whole new coat.
Love a good re-vamp, have you re-vamped anything?


  1. It looks wonderful! I do like lovely details like a nice lining. I've never reworked anything like this, but I save old clothes to make dolls, and old natural fibre clothes to make quilts. It's so nice to have little bits of family history still part of the present. Love your lolly pink!

    1. Thank you. I understand what you mean about having history in our present. I have a wonderful quilt made from wonderful fabrics I have used over the years. Sadly it is looking very worn now so I may have to give it a re-vamp to freshen it up.