Sunday, March 20, 2016

Can You Ever Have Too Many Sequins or Crystals?

Well, the dance comp is looming so I better get this finished.
I've now discovered the joy of hot-fix crystals, where have they been all my life! The sequins are rather over-powering so I wanted there to be a bit of a transition from the sequins to the softness of the silk chiffon. A got three different colours of Swarovski crystals to hopefully mirror the colours in the sequins. I've used Swarovski crystals before for jewellery and they are so lovely, why would you use anything else.  Along with the crystals, I got a hot-fix applicator as I knew that ironing them on just wouldn't work for this.
I'll post a finished picture once the hem is done but here's a preview of the crystals.


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