Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wooly Weekend - part 2

Finally got around to the second part of this post.  When we got back to the house after a long day of wooly fun (and spending) we lay out our stash!  (this is everyone's, not just mine)

 Bernice and Bel couldn't wait to get started with this gorgeous hand dyed Merino.......  
 So over Chai tea (and wine) they started knitting.........
and continued knitting over brunch the next day......

 Producing two luscious pairs of hand warmers.


  1. Lovely...I just got some gorgeous green hand dyed fiber I am going to make some handwarmers that your own pattern. Love your stash!

  2. I didn't knit them. I don't think they used a pattern, just worked out how many stitches to cast on then worked in the round with no shaping, leaving a hole for the thumb.