Monday, September 20, 2010

School Holidays - Melbourne Aquarium

Well the school holidays have begun!  They have got off to a busy start with a visit to the Melbourne Aquarium with my friend Fiona on Saturday.  It was a lovely day, it is so wonderful watching Aishlyn full of excitement skipping through the exhibits.  The favourite seemed to be the Stingrays of which there were many.  Tiny baby Rays, strange spotted Rays with rather large 'noses' (do your call them noses?) and one huge Stingray that was as big as the grey nurse sharks.
She has been so many times but each time seems like the first.  After a couple of hours with the fishes we had lunch at an old favourite, 'The Blue Train'. We used to eat there before and after shows when we worked together all those years ago.  All that seems so long ago!
It's always good catching up with friends that you haven't seen for a while,  it helps me remember the life I led before Motherhood.  I miss the theatre world but I wouldn't change being a Mother for my old life.  This is the best and most important job I have ever had.


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