Monday, September 20, 2010

School Holidays - The Show!

Aishlyn jumped out of bed on Sunday, full of energy asking 'Can we go to the show?'
I didn't want to go to the show as I hate crowds but I remember how much I loved it as a child.  I purchased tickets last week and just had to decide what day to go.  As the weather looks like it is going to be the same all week (rainy, cloudy, cold) one day is a good as another.  So I dragged myself out of my nice warm bed, showered, had breakfast and we headed for the train station.

Off to the show we went!
Let the fun begin!

Lots of baby animals to pat
Some that were not so cuddly!

It's not a show without a really big Ferris Wheel
Just one of the amazing cakes entered in the cake decorating contest
Crazy diving into a rather small looking pool

Then a very high dive from a very small platform 

Not to be out done another diver came out and was set alight before plunging into the pool.
Crazy show people, but great entertainment!
Aishlyn was determined to go on a Roller Coaster (she's never been on anything like that before).  Well we found one.  Not only did this Coaster go up and down at a tremendous pace but while it was doing that the carriage spun around!  It was crazy, but I did it (the things we do for our children).  I hoped after that she would be content but no I had promised two rides and two rides it must be.  So we went on another one that just spun us around and around, she loved it!  It was great fun but I don't think I could have done another one and luckily Aishlyn felt the same way.  So it was off to get a couple of show bags and then home at last.  It was a fun day and Aishlyn had a  fantastic time.


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