Monday, May 13, 2013

In Love with Mrs Garter

OK I know I haven't really been around much of late.  What with teaching, living and creating there just hasn't been enough time.  But my latest knitting project has inspired me to share the love.  I just LOVE this pattern, Mrs Garter by ANKESTRIC.  Well the Pear Tree yarn may have a little to do with the love affair but only a little.

This is the second pattern I've knitted from this designer but I don't think it will be the last. I love the way her patterns go together, one piece leading on to the next. Perfect finishing, no messy edges. LOVE it! I will never, ever, ever be doing a wrap and turn again now that I have discovered how to do it without wraps.  Much easier and much neater almost invisible shaping. Have a look here if you want to see how it's done.

Well this latest love affair has only just begun but I'll keep you posted on how it is going.


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